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Orient electric Areva fan heater|2000W power|2 heating modes|Compact design |1 year replacement warranty

Orient electric Areva fan heater|2000W power|2 heating modes|Compact design |1 year replacement warranty

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  • Designed for a two-way, space-efficient placement: The versatile design of the room heater makes for both horizontal & vertical placement, keeping you warm & comfortable all Winter long. Mount horizontally for a blow of hot air in your direction while sitting, or vertically to direct the warm air precisely at your feet level. This heater provides optimal warmth, while occupying less space
  • 100% Copper motor for a long-lasting performance: Orient Electric’s room heater- Areva comes with a 100% Copper motor for a reliable performance
  • 2300 RPM high-speed motor: For immediate spread of warmth throughout your room, this heater comes with a 2300 RPM high-speed motor
  • Two adjustable heat settings: Combat the winter chills on the coldest of days with high heat mode or enjoy the comforting warmth on mild Winter days with low heat mode. With two heating elements of 1000W each, our room heater allows you to control your own comfort with just the turn of a knob
  • Enjoy complete protection & long life with in-built safety features: The room heater for home is equipped with a thermostat for temperature control, two thermal cut outs for preventing burnout of heating elements, FR-grade plastic for safety against fire and overload protector for safety against overheating
  • One-year replacement warranty: The room heater comes protected against manufacturing defects with a one-year replacement warranty, thereby giving you the ultimate peace of mind

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Overheat Protection

For enhanced safety against overheating, the room heater comes with two thermal cut outs, giving you peace of mind, while keeping you cozy

Two powerful heating elements

With two powerful heating elements of 1000W each, the room heater provides warmth at two different levels that can be easily controlled using an ergonomic knob.

Horizontal & vertical placement

Whether you want a focussed blow of hot air in your direction, or the warmth directed at your feet level, this compact room heater comes with a two-way mounting design.

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Shock-proof ABS body

The room heater comes with a shock-proof ABS body. Additionally, the rods are covered with a protective mesh, so that you combat the winter chills while staying safe.

In-built handle for portability

The compact & portable room heater has an in-built ergonomic handle, for you to carry it from one place to another conveniently.

2300 high-speed motor

The high-speed 2300 RPM motor helps with faster air circulation, spreading warmth in every corner of your room, instantly.

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