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Gold Art India Peach Ivory Finish Ganesha Idol Car Dashboard Idol Home Decor Gifting Diwali Showpiece 3.5" Inches

Gold Art India Peach Ivory Finish Ganesha Idol Car Dashboard Idol Home Decor Gifting Diwali Showpiece 3.5" Inches

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  • Idol is made of Solid Poly resin with Peach ivory terracotta work. Quality of Idol is best in the industry. With terrific workmanship and especially aesthetic work. Double lenses paint to give eyes the real feel
  • Size: Height 3.5 Inches x Width 2 Inches | Weight: 140 Grams | Material: Ceramic, Peach ivory Terracotta hand painted Package Contents: 1. Silver Plated Ganesha Idol
  • Best For: Car dashboard, Return gifts, Diwali gifts, Ganesh chaturthi, Baby shower, house warming, Home decor, Festivals.
  • Speciality: Best in the industry, we pioneered the idea of Gold/Silver plated idols with Terracotta color work.
  • Durability: 3-4years tarnish resistance
  • Care: Do not use water or any fluid substance to clean the idol. Use only soft dry cloth.
  • Origin: Made in India by local kaarigars and artisans.

Product Description


Introducing the captivating "Mukut Ganesha" from Gold Art India, a divine masterpiece that embraces spirituality and artistry in perfect harmony. This exquisite creation features a unique peach ivory terracotta color, coupled with resplendent golden jewelry work, adding a touch of elegance and grandeur.

Handcrafted with passion and expertise by local Indian artists, each Mukut Ganesha exudes a sense of authenticity and devotion. Standing at 3.5 inches in height and 2 inches in width, this meticulously crafted idol captures the essence of Lord Ganesha, the remover of obstacles and the harbinger of prosperity.

Weighing approximately 135 grams, this versatile masterpiece finds its place in various settings. Be it adorning your car dashboard, gracing your office desk, or embellishing your home table, the Mukut Ganesha is a perfect addition to your sacred space.





Crafted with Passion and Precision

At Gold Art India, we take immense pride in our exceptional craftsmanship. Each creation is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, who pour their heart and soul into every piece. By blending innovative techniques with time-honoured traditions, we consistently deliver products that exceed expectations and stand the test of time.

A Captivating Collection

A collection of gold- and silver-plated idols, figurines, and home decor articles. Each piece exudes an aura of elegance and grace, capturing the essence of divine beauty. From intricately detailed deities and auspicious symbols to contemporary and abstract designs, our collection caters to diverse tastes and preferences.

Embrace Timeless Beauty

Our brand invites you to delve into a world where art and spirituality merge effortlessly, creating masterpieces that transcend time and leave an indelible mark on your soul. With each creation, we invite you to celebrate the magnificence of art and infuse your surroundings with an ethereal charm that truly captivates.

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