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Aluminium Foil Waterproof Sealan Foil Tape (Pack of 2)

Aluminium Foil Waterproof Sealan Foil Tape (Pack of 2)

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Product Name: Aluminium Foil Waterproof Sealan Foil Tape (Pack of 2) Package

Contains: It has 2 Piece of Foil Tape Material: PVC

Color: Colour as per availability

Dimension: 4 x 6 x 4 inch Combo/Set Of: Pack of 2 Additional Information: WORKING PATTERNS: this Butyl Sealant Tape is suitable to be use on brick, concrete, glass, fiberglass, wood, coated or uncoated metals, plastic, rubber at tight corners, unusual curves, uneven and most jagged surfaces; reliably shut off wind, water, dust, oil, grease, vapor, moisture, corrosive chemical and other leakages; never use this tape directly to wet and greasy objects, which might damage the bonding. In winter, it is better to use a hair dryer to heat the ceiling before repairing it. Widely used in roof repair, walkway repair, sheet metal repair, water pipe repair, etc. weather sealing tape Application scope: butyl aluminum tape has strong viscosity and waterproof, and can be used in various occasions and surfaces, mainly including roof leakage, household water leakage, basement, toilet, tunnel, windowsill leakage, saloon car awning, personal boat, drainage ditch, ship, outdoor equipment, canoe, PVC and pipe, air duct, door, wall, vent, downpipe, mobile house, etc RV and camper, seams, etc The butyl rubber tapes that covers the aluminum foil is fit for the waterproofing and sealing for various of kinds of the roofing engineering,color steel,steel structure and waterproof roll and PC sheet which are exposed to the sunshine Weight: 400

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