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Abana Homes Bonsai Plants for Home Indoor Live - Ficus Bonsai Tree in Black Ceramic Pots - 5 Year Old - Indoor Bonsai Plants for Living Room, Office & Balcony Garden

Abana Homes Bonsai Plants for Home Indoor Live - Ficus Bonsai Tree in Black Ceramic Pots - 5 Year Old - Indoor Bonsai Plants for Living Room, Office & Balcony Garden

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  • Bonsai Plants For Home Indoor - Bonsai is a symbol of wisdom, strength and intuition. It has the grandeur of a full grown tree, but can fit in the palm of your hand. Perfect for indoor decor. Bonsai plants real for home with pot
  • Air Puryfying Plant - Purifies the air by removing the toxins such as formaldehyde, xylene and toluene
  • Best Gift - Easy to care plant, so makes a great and unique gift for your loved ones

Product Description

Ficus Bonsai TreeFicus Bonsai Tree

Ficus bonsai plant leavesFicus bonsai plant leaves
Highlights of The Bonsai Plant

  • Easy to maintain bonsai plant.
  • Decorative plant ideal for all indoor spaces.
  • Has special air-purifying properties - Removes formaldehyde and other toxins from the air.
  • Grows in all weather and locations in India.

Grafted Ficus is a highly popular bonsai tree for keeping indoors.

Has an expertly sculpted bark for aesthetics you can’t miss.

The bark of the grafted Ginseng Ficus bonsai tree is shaped and established into a root-over-rock structure that gives it a unique and charming appearance. It is ideal as a decorative houseplant, as the best species of banyan or Ficus tree for growing indoors.

The leaves are oval-shaped and colored freshly green. They form a canopy structure at the top, yet are easy to maintain in good shape and health. The pot-bellied bark adds to the plant’s fascinating appearance.

  • You can keep the grafted Ginseng Ficus bonsai tree on your study desk easily as well.
  • Interior bonsai plant - Symbol of wisdom and maturity as an interior decorative plant.
  • Air purifying plant - Cleans out toxins like formaldehyde, xylene and toluene so you breathe fresh air indoors.
  • Gifting plant - Makes a unique gifting option for any occasion.
  • Easy care - This plant flourishes naturally in India’s tropical climate. It is even easier to grow and maintain than banyan and peepal bonsai trees.
  • Material - The bonsai tree is a live plant in a beautiful ceramic pot (pot may vary as per availability).
  • Eye-striking aesthetics - Beautifully shaped bark with a healthy canopy for looks that draw in everybody.

How to take care of the bonsai plant?

how to water the bonsai treehow to water the bonsai tree

Location Indoor bonsaiLocation Indoor bonsai

Fertilizing the bonsai treeFertilizing the bonsai tree

Pruning the bonsai treePruning the bonsai tree

How to water your bonsai tree?

Thumb rule of watering:

  • Touch the soil and if it feels wet, you don’t need to water it.
  • If it feels dry, you need to water it.
  • Whenever you water it, pour at least 1-2 liters of water, till the time water starts flowing out from the hole below the pot.

Where to keep the bonsai tree?


  • Place the bonsai plant in a well-lit area indoors.
  • It is best to keep the plant near a window so it can enjoy maximum daylight.
  • While keeping inside the office or living room or in any closed space, make sure not to keep it DIRECTLY below the ceiling fan or near a heat source. Keep it slightly aside.

How to fertilize the bonsai plant?

Fertilizing the bonsai:

  • Fertilize the bonsai plant twice a month during spring and once a month during winter.
  • You can use solid organic fertilizer, or any natural nitrogen and phosphorus-rich fertilizer.
  • Like humans, plants also need food after regular intervals for healthy growth.

When to prune the bonsai plant?

Pruning and shaping up:

  • Spring is the best time if you plan to do heavy pruning.
  • Prune the shoot down to 1-2 leaves when it grows 6-10 leaves.
  • Remove any damaged or yellow leaves.

We don't only sell the bonsai plants, we help you own it. - Vinni. MD & Founder, Abana Homes

Care TeamCare Team

Dedicated Care Team

Remember that you're buying this EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL, WELL TRAINED, and CARE FREE BONSAI TREE which will grow with time. To support it's growth you will need to water it, feed it and take care of it. Taking care of this gorgeous home decor piece is very easy. All you need is to water it and fertilize it once in 45-60 days.

We've a dedicated ABANA HOMES BONSAI CARE TEAM at your service. You can reach us out any time for suggestions, tips, and help.

Cheers, Bonsai Expert Team - Abana Homes

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